Quiz Night

quiz night

Thursday, 3rd May at 1800hrs.

Usual location

Please arrive promptly at this time to facilitate entry.

The Quiz starts at 1845 sharp and sandwiches will be served from 1800.


Welcome to the website of the Association of British and Commonwealth Servicemen & Women in Sweden (ABCSWS).

The Association has been in existence since 1937 (indicated in convening the 1962 AGM) and has a current membership of more than 71 persons.

We hope that you will find this website useful as a provider of news and information concerning the activities and operation of the Association as well as news clips from external sources, links to other relevant sites and a look at curiosities in The Armoury.

For those of our members who may wish to contribute with information about themselves, particularly of incidents in their life which have played a significant role, we welcome this. Naturally subjects of a military service nature would be preferred.

Any reproducible photographs, also with a military service theme, together with a short description of what they represent, would be most welcome.

To find out more about us, visit our facebook group here or contact us via email.